SubZero (1998)

subzeroSubZero (1998)

Directed by: Boyd Kirkland

Starring: Kevin Conroy, Michael Ansara, Loren Lester


It’s true that Mr. Freeze reached his apex as a character on the 90’s animated Batman show, but this spinoff movie doesn’t really capture that high point. It was pretty crazy that they turned him from a pun-spewing German goofball in the 60’s show into an actually relatable villain who Batman feels sorry for was a pretty impressive achievement in the show. Here he’s a two-dimensional bad guy who has polar bears for henchmen.

Mr. Freeze is trying to cure his wife because she’s got Cold Person Syndrome or something, and he needs Batgirl’s organs to save her. Even though I’m pretty sure there’s an episode of the show where his wife gets irretrievably lost at sea after Disney World explodes? I’m pretty sure that happens. Anyway, Batman and Robin save the day with punching.

There’s really nothing special here. It’s about as interesting as a sub-par episode of the show, except there are a couple sequences with pretty nice animation. Mostly of the polar bears swimming around, which doesn’t add a whole lot to the meat of the film. It’s pretty much just a cash grab attempt made just after the show ended.

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