Scanners (1981)

scannersScanners (1981)

Directed by: David Cronenberg

Starring: Jennifer O’Neill, Stephen Lack, Patrick McGoohan


Ah yes, the classic Cronenberg horror masterpiece Scanners. I’d never seen it before this viewing, but I HAD seen an animated gif of that one guy’s head exploding. It’s the head exploding movie! The one where a guy’s head explodes and it’s cool! That happens once and yes it is cool, but it turns out you need more movie than a guy’s head exploding 20 minutes in.

There are a bunch of psychic guys out there called “scanners” (because they can scan things I guess), and the most powerful of them gets recruited by a government man to go after an evil scanner, Michael Ironside. Turns out the bad guy was using this drug that represses scanning ability to create more scanners, which is also actually what it was made for, and also the government man invented it, and also maybe the bad guy isn’t bad but he fights the main character at the end anyway and he wins by taking over the bad guy’s body somehow? Oh, and you can scan computers too. Fuck this movie.

There sure is a lot of really fucking dumb stuff in this film. By the third act, absolutely nothing makes sense after all the twist reveals and double cross twist reveals of those twist reveals and so on. Yeah, a guy’s head explodes. And yeah, it’s pretty cool. I’d just watch the animated gif instead of the whole movie, though.


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