Takedown (2000)

Takedown (2000)

Directed by: Joe Chappelle

Starring: Skeet Ulrich, Russell Wong, Angela Featherstone

Oh good. Another movie about hackers. I was going to say that at least this movie didn’t try to make hackers look cool, but on further reflection I think they actually DID try to do that. Just, you know, cool by the standards of people who think that hackers are cool. There wasn’t any skateboarding, I’ll say that.

Skeet Ulrich is a new and improved kind of hacker, the kind who uses grifting and double-talk as well as computer smarts to steal things! He finds some phone macguffin or other and this other good guy hacker– excuse me, “cracker”, is out to get him. I can’t even get up enough interest to finish the fucking synopsis.

Yes, we know, hackers are bad and they can do anything and oh my god they’re the worst threat to security the government has ever faced. With their inability to talk to girls and their pedophile mustaches and cheeto-dust-covered clothes, they possess the true power in this modern world of ours. Surely none of us are safe with the likes of these basement dwelling cretins around. Fucking computer movies.


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