Angels in the Outfield (1951)

Angels in the Outfield (1951)

Directed by: Clarence Brown

Starring: Paul Douglas, Janet Leigh, Keenan Wynn

This is similar, but still pretty different from the 90’s remake with Christopher Lloyd. There’s still the bit with angels helping out with baseball, except the focus is more on the manager and how swearing is bad. It’s… different.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are having a terrible season, and one reporter (who is a girl and therefore knows nothing about baseball) thinks it’s the fault of the manager, who is foul-mouthed and gets in brawls all the time. One night the manager is visited by an angel (well, the voice of an angel, anyway) who tells him if he cleans up his act, they’ll help his team win some games. He reforms and gains a completely different personality, but then he has to deal with everyone thinking he’s crazy because he talks to angels.

This movie is extremely old-fashioned. It seems kinda obvious to say about a movie from the 50’s about baseball and angels, but that’s really the best word for it. There’s a court scene where they’re trying to determine whether the manager is crazy for believing in angels, and the eventual decision is “well, they do talk about angels a lot in the bible, so I guess it must be true”. You couldn’t get away with saying something like that seriously in a modern movie, you’d get people getting all angry about it, what with the fact that people nowadays recognize the fact that there are multiple religions and no one of them is really the “correct” one. Anyway, it was kinda charming.


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