Deathtrap (1982)

Deathtrap (1982)

Directed by: Sidney Lumet

Starring: Michael Caine, Christopher Reeve, Dyan Cannon

This is a good example of going way overboard with plot twists. It’s a simple fact that if you pack your story with too many twists, your audience will stop caring. Just ask M. Night Shyamalan.

Michael Caine is a playwright who hasn’t written a good play in years, and he’s approached by an old student of his, Christopher Reeve, who’s written the perfect play. His wife tries to convince him to team up with Reeve, but Caine thinks it might just be easier to kill him and steal his play…

I can’t really get into it without spoiling the entire film, and I wouldn’t really want to do that, as the first half hour is actually really good. Seriously, it’s captivating, and both Caine and Reeve put in great performances. Then the film just… keeps going. And twisting. Over and over again. And you DON’T CARE and it’s terrible and you just want it to fucking end. But that first half hour… pretty good shit.


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