The Job (2008)

The Job (2008)

Directed by: Jonathan Dueck

Starring: Gina Gershon, Jonathan Watton, Earl Pastko

The Job (or Just Business, a somehow WORSE name) is a pretty dull crime/mystery/thriller sorta thing which was written by a guy who obviously thought he was really fucking clever for re-using the same shit that everybody does for these kinds of movies. The last words in the film are a guy saying, “It’s just business… just business…” That’s the kind of awful cliche writing you get through the whole thing.

A rich guy gets some valuables stolen from him, including a couple very expensive paintings, and he believes that an ex-arch-thief stole them. He kidnaps the old guy and his daughter has to try and save him. In the end (spoilers, I guess), it turns out it was the daughter who stole the stuff in the first place, and also one of the paintings, a self-portrait, is some sort of Dorian Gray thing and it’s keeping him alive, so she replaces it with a painting of herself and her dad. What?

You’re cribbing off of The Picture of Dorian Gray? For your lame half-heist movie? Look, David Robbeson, writer, don’t quit your day job.


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