Muzzy (1986)

Muzzy (1986)

Directed by: Richard Taylor

Starring: Derek Griffiths, Miriam Margolyes, Jack May

Muzzy isn’t exactly a movie, per se. It was originally developed as an educational cartoon meant to help children learn new languages. However, there is still a story to the video, and since I’m 26 and don’t “learn” things anymore, I just watched the English version. Hooray!

The basic idea is that there’s a castle with a king, queen, princess, gardener, and… evil computer master. Just like all people who use computers, the bad guy is green, wears all black, and wants to make his own woman. That’s the story, Bob the gardener and Sylvia the princess are in love with each other, but Corvax, the bad guy, is also in love with Sylvia, so he makes one with his computer. Actually, he makes several hundred princess clones on accident, and only Muzzy can save them. Muzzy is a big green space monster who eats clocks.

When I was a kid, I watched the German version of this program (several hundred times), and it became somehow stuck in my head forever. I’ll still use “ICH BIN MUZZY! DER GROßE MUZZY!!” in occasions where it generally doesn’t fit. Watching it again as an adult, it’s obvious that this is a well-designed language course, as well as being entertaining. That’s a fucking great combination, and that is why I’m reviewing Muzzy. Because it’s great.


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