Official Friday the 13th Parody (2010)

Official Friday the 13th Parody (2010)

Directed by: Gary Dean Orona

Starring: Sara Sloane, Kagney Lynn Karter, Courtney Cummings

So I guess there are two companies pumping out these modern porn parodies. There’s the one that does Scooby-Doo and Batman and The Office and stuff like that… and then there’s this one that does Silence of the Lambs and Friday the 13th. Huh. Interesting choice.

A group of people re-open the old Crystal Lake Nudist Camp (there are no nudists in film. For some reason), even though there’s a legend that one guy put on a hockey mask and killed everyone there last time, because he couldn’t have sex, and so he walked into the lake and his balls, which were too full, made him sink down to the bottom. This is why I love porno parodies. Otherwise, it’s basically the same thing as the original film, except instead of killing people with knives, Jason kills people with his “flesh-eating jism”. Yep.

This movie was actually quite a bit funnier than the Official Silence of the Lambs Parody, mostly because the source material lends itself to this treatment much better. I mean, there’s a part where they play strip Monopoly and fuck in the original film, it doesn’t take a brainstorm to include that exact thing in the parody, which they do.


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