Hold Still (2004)

Hold Still (2004)

Directed by: David Stanley

Starring: Sunrise Adams, Layla Jade, Eric Masterson

This movie is fucking bizarre. And it’s not just that everything about the story is insane, they’re so dedicated to telling this insane story that it even carries into the sex scenes… which is just kinda creepy and wrong, because it’s about… Well, I’ll tell you.

Hold Still is about a woman who was basically enslaved by a man who killed all of her friends. She’s basically snapped, mentally, and thinks that if she does everything he tells her to, he won’t kill her friends. Okay, that’s the normal part of the film. The guy tells her to have sex with the first guy she sees (a couple times, actually, but the first one is the only important one), and she accidentally gets pregnant by him. The guy gets recurring dreams about her and that he needs to help her, so he tracks her down and finally saves her. Then the two of them go out into the woods where his alien brothers can pick them up and take them away. The last scene is the two of them smiling and waving in front of a cardboard cutout of a campfire as they feed s’mores to the half-alien baby. I’m not making this up for effect, this happened. And this movie was meant to arouse people.

In one way, I respect the director for actually making the woman seem disinterested and hollow during sex because she was mentally broken. He definitely shows dedication to his insane alien sex story, and amazing the porn actress is so good she can make it seem like she doesn’t care that much about sex! (JOKE) Still, on the other hand, if I was this guy’s boss, I’d be pretty pissed that his porno could only instill feelings of confusion and disgust.


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