The Soldier (1982)

The Soldier (1982)

Directed by: James Glickenhaus

Starring: Ken Wahl, Alberta Watson, Jeremiah Sullivan

“You don’t assign him. You unleash him.” Oooh, that sent tingles up my spine. What a good tagline, this guy’s gotta be like, super-Rambo and he’s gonna blow up the entire world! It’ll be grrrreeeattttt.

There’s a terrorist threat, and only one man can stop it! And then he… does. After a whole bunch of things explode. I don’t think they ever worry about any details other than those.

If you love action movies and you want to see one, well, The Soldier is definitely… an action movie. There’s no two ways about that. I mean, some movies are action movies but they have aspects of romance or science fiction or any other genre, but not The Soldier. They’re purists.

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