Femme Covert (1998)

Femme Covert (1998)

Directed by: Wes Emerson

Starring: Tony Tedeschi, Jordan Lee, Zasu Knight

The title of this film comes from the French term “feme covert”, which refers to the idea that a woman becomes the property of a man after they get married. Also, it has some symbolism involving hats involved with it. I learned something today! From porn!

A man returns from a fishing trip to find that the world has turned topsy-turvy! Somehow, women are now the dominant gender on the planet, and there is an exact 1-to-1 role reversal between the genders. Also, men can get pregnant. Again, I have no idea how. The guy tries to come to terms with his now “non-masculine” personality, and eventually settles on becoming a porn star.

You know what I like? This idea could’ve been done in a real movie, but they wouldn’t have covered some of the stuff that they do in Femme Covert, specifically because it’s porn. Actually using the medium to deal with ideas you couldn’t otherwise is a pretty fucking cool thing to do, especially in a field like pornography where that happens rarely (at least by percentage). That’s why I like reviewing porn, not because I’m some weirdo freako pervo creeper.


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