The Hit (1984)

The Hit (1984)

Directed by: Stephen Frears

Starring: John Hurt, Terence Stamp, Tim Roth

With the talent you have here in the principal cast, you’d expect this probably couldn’t be too bad of a film, and you’re right. The problem is, besides those three guys, there’s pretty much nothing worthwhile at all. They may be able to keep it from being a bad film, but they can’t make it great all by themselves.

Stamp is an ex-gangster who’s been hiding out in Spain for the last ten years, until two hitmen (Hurt and Roth) find him to take him back to Paris so he can answer for what he’s done. A really long, dry, serious, and boring road movie lies ahead, with almost nothing but campfire speeches where everyone is telling deep stories but none of them are looking at each other.

This is a neat idea and it really could’ve been handled better, and the cast was DEFINITELY way too good for this film. Still, I’m glad it wasn’t just any random guy off the street who thinks he can act instead of John Hurt. As much as part of me feels sorry for them, the rest of me is just happy to not have to suffer as much… for now…


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