Great Expectations (1983)

Great Expectations (1983)

Starring: Bill Kerr, Phillip Hinton, Simon Hinton

It bothers me that for some of these old animated movies, it doesn’t have any information for a director, instead just having a big list of animators and assistant animators and background animators… How am I supposed to know who to blame if it’s bad? By the way, this was a bad movie.

This is a poorly animated (with even worse sound) adaptation of Charles Dickens great honking novel about how it sucks to be poor. An orphan boy, Pip, gets picked up by some jerks, who do shitty things to him, and it basically just keeps on going like that for all 800 pages.

I hate Dickens. I probably should’ve mentioned that. Still, regardless of my personal opinions, this movie was a really poor telling of that already poor story. I… guess that’s my opinion again. Look, it sucks, Dickens sucks, you suck, let’s move on.

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