Magic Island (1995)

Magic Island (1995)

Directed by: Sam Irvin

Starring: Zachery Ty Bryan, Andrew Divoff, Edward Kerr

Remember TV’s Zachery Ty Bryan from Home Improvement? Of course you don’t, nobody does! Partly because he got overshadowed by his teen heartthrob co-star Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and partly because he was a fucking terrible actor, Mr. Zachery Ty Bryan probably now lives in some downtown apartment where he works a 9-5 at the grocery store. This is purely speculation, of course.

Magic Island was about a dumb kid (guess who?) who gets a magic book that he gets sucked into. Inside the book is a magic pirate island adventure where he and some of the most obnoxious community theater rejects have to face off against the vicious pirate Blackbeard and his crew of two idiot comic relief characters and French Stewart in a wig.

I gotta say, I’m used to movie posters and box art lying to me by showing something that has nothing at all to do with the actual film, but Magic Island is the exact opposite of that. Every single piece of that box art actually appears in the film, or is at least related to something that did. The fact that there isn’t ANY extra piece they felt they had to add on to the cover to make it look cooler is kinda neat. I mean, it worked, got me to watch the dumb thing.


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