Kill Point (1984)

Kill Point (1984)

Directed by: Frank Harris

Starring: Leo Fong, Richard Roundtree, Cameron Mitchell

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they realize they know who Cameron Mitchell is and can recognize him easily, and that is when the heavy drinking really starts. You say that doesn’t happen to everyone? Where did I put all those heavy drinks…

This is a really generic cop movie. This kung fu expert cop infiltrates a gang that’s buying lots of weapons and basically kicks everybody in the face. Why is it always kicking in the face? I mean, just once I’d like to see a shitty action movie where the kung fu isn’t just high kick after spinning high kick. Maybe that’s why they’re shitty, though. I guess that makes sense.

I got this movie because it has Richard Roundtree in it (you know… Shaft), but he’s only in probably five minutes of the whole film, and even then he barely does anything. That’s a goddamn ripoff, man. I demand my… uh… 23 cents back!


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