Booby Trap (1999)

Booby Trap (1999)

Directed by: Veronica Hart

Starring: Nikita Gross, Vicca, Dale DaBone

Ah, I love my job. This is my job now, I guess, watching porno movies about robot women trying to find out which spies are loyal to the country by having sex with them. There’s nothing about that I don’t like (except how dumb it is).

Two scientists design two Russian robots to have sex with American spies and see which of them are giving away secret information. It’s… almost like Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine, actually. Which is weird. In the end, it turns out the boss was the mole, and he had been hiding a series of moles on his face with bandages, and that’s how they find out. Sigh…

There really isn’t anything else remarkable about this movie, except that Nina Hartley is in it, and I’m pretty sure she’s actively been in porn for like… forty years now. I guess she just really loves her job or something, it’s just kinda weird.


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