Tough Men (1979)

Tough Men (1979)

Directed by: Daniel L. Quick

Starring: Bill Erwin, Ken Edwards, Fred Chambers

I actually couldn’t find any other place online that mentioned this film, besides a couple expired eBay auctions, so I guess for once I’m going to have to actually describe this thing. Dammit, makin’ me work…

Tough Men is about a man and his dad and his dad’s dog who go out into the mountains at the beginning of winter to do some moose hunting. Well, technically it’s pre-moose hunting, since hunting season hasn’t started yet, for some reason. After their return flight crashes and they stupidly set fire to their tent and all their supplies, they decide to walk back to civilization. After that, it’s a pretty standard Hatchet sort of survival movie, except there’s way more stuff in it about the Bible. Also, everybody dies except the main guy. Yes, even the dog. The dog gets eaten by wolves.

The back of this box puts it in the “American Family Classics” series, and claims that “these films contain no violence, no nudity and no animation.” Because… animation is bad for family viewing, I guess. Also, there’s all sorts of violence in this film! A dude dies in a plane crash, the dog gets eaten by wolves, their tent burns down, the guy keeps threatening to eat the dog before the wolves beat him to it… they just never explicitly show the violence, which I guess is just fine. Hypocritical piece of shit.


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