Mission Phantom (1967)

Mission Phantom (1967)

Directed by: Guido Malatesta

Starring: Fernando Sancho, Ingrid Schoeller, Francesco Mulé

Man, that is a great video cover. I wish the movie was half that awesome. Gee, it sure seems like I say things like that a lot, doesn’t it? I need to get some new material…

Mission Phantom is fucking crazy. It’s a caper film about these guys who are trying to steal some diamonds from the Russians. It’s kinda like Mission: Impossible, I guess (since that’s obviously where the name comes from), except instead of there being a team of experts in different fields, none of these guys really know what their doing. It’s okay though, as the Russians are just as incompetent, so in the end it all works out just fine.

This was a pretty entertaining movie, I gotta say. Everyone was so fucking stupid you were just wondering what was going to go wrong next. And don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t one of those “we have an intentionally bad superspy” type of comedies or something, the guys just kept fucking up in ways that you don’t expect heist movies to do. I guess we’re just spoiled into thinking that guys who steal diamonds from Russia should be a little better at what they do, not the B-team.


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