Lost Faith (1992)

Lost Faith (1992)

Directed by: Joel D. Wynkoop

Starring: Joel D. Wynkoop, David Bardsley, David Lurry

Man, I don’t know if I can do this. Iron Thunder yesterday and Lost Faith today? Really amazingly terrible movies like this just shouldn’t come along that often. It’s bound to give me brain damage or something. More brain damage. Or more something.

Lost Faith is about a super kung-fu expert who’s wife gets kidnapped by an evil kung fu expert who apparently kidnaps women so he can sell them to the porn industry. Yes, that is the reason. Anyway, this guy kicks a bunch of other guys until he finally rescues his wife. In the climactic final boss fight, our hero (maybe YOUR hero, not mine) is about to lose… except he prays to God and gains enough power to win the fight. This was the point of the film I realized it was called Lost Faith.

This movie is shot on a home video camera from the 90’s, probably not edited by anyone at all, and starring the wacky cast of everyone this guy could find that would be in his movie. I honestly have no idea how this thing ever actually got published, or what insane set of circumstances caused it to end up in my hands. Alls I know is… that I’m proud.

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