Die! Die! Die! (2002)

Die! Die! Die! (2002)

Directed by: Gordon McLennan

Starring: Richard Grieco, Brigitte Bako, Greg Evigan

In the same tradition as Die, Die My Darling! and Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill!, this movie… also has a stupid name with death and exclamation marks in it. So that’s cool.

A woman gets double-crossed after helping kill a couple government agents, and spends her time half running from the people who double-crossed her and half trying to kill or blackmail them. When she gets hurt, she ends up back at the house of her ex-husband and meets her estranged daughter, who almost immediately gets kidnapped to use against her. Then the thing turns into this weird “GIMME MY DAUGHTER BACK!!!” thing, even though the character was not supposed to care about her at all.

Also, about half this movie is tinkly music behind slow dramatic sequences of this lady watching her daughter play in a playground. You should not be allowed to name your movie something like Die! Die! Die! if there’s more kids in playgrounds than deaths. I think that’s a good rule, anyway.


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