Casanova (2005)

Casanova (2005)

Directed by: Lasse Hallström

Starring: Heath Ledger, Sienna Miller, Jeremy Irons

Oh boy, another lowest common denominator period piece romantic comedy. Exactly my absolute favorite things to watch ever. Right after watching myself gouge out my eyes with an ice pick.

Heath Ledger is the famous Casanova, who is so good at fuckin’ that he’s apparently banged every nun in Venice and they’re okay with the eternal damnation they get because of it. However, he’s been arrested for indecency one too many times, and if he doesn’t get married in a month, he’ll be exiled! Against all odds, Casanova finds a strong-willed woman who pretends to be a man so she can publish feminist propaganda, and he falls in love. There was pretty much no chance at all that something like that would happen. In a movie? Are you kidding me? No way.

I’ve never really gotten the point of doing a period piece in some time like the 17th century and making a really “girl power” sorta character. Those people were emotionally beaten down so they wouldn’t even try to do something like that, and if they did try, they’d be arrested or worse. I know that sucks and it isn’t what people want to see, but otherwise it’s just weird white guys dressed up in goofy Mozart outfits for no real reason. And that’s even WORSE.


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