Price Check (2012)

price checkPrice Check (2012)

Directed by: Michael Walker

Starring: Parker Posey, Eric Mabius, Annie Parisse


According to IMDb this movie is supposed to be a comedy? Wow, IMDb, what is your sense of humor even like? Is it just because Parker Posey is in it and you didn’t see it but you just assumed? That seems like what’s going on here. For shame, IMDb.

A man’s home life falls apart when he’s promoted to vice president of his company by his new boss, an insane woman who seems to be schizophrenic or something. He spends more time on work and has an affair, etc etc. It’s all very standard stuff for this type of story.

Really the only part of this movie that stands out is Posey, who will make you hate her character in some scenes, then turn it around 360 degrees and make you almost not hate her in others. Basically she does a great job of playing one of those crazy women that you meet and alarms go off in your head telling you to run far far away because this person is dangerous. So that’s good for her, I guess.


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