Bratz: Pampered Petz (2010)

bratz pampered petzBratz: Pampered Petz (2010)

Directed by: Bob Doucette, Michael Hack

Starring: Britt McKillip, Britt Irvin, Dorla Bell


How did the Bratz movie series even come into being? Like, why is that a thing that exists? You may say it’s because of all the CGI Barbie movies, but I have the same question about those things. It’s just bizarre that they’d spend all that extra effort to make a movie with every new line of doll accessories (not that they slave and care over these things, but it is still effort).

A crazy old woman with like thirty dogs is being evicted by her evil neighbor for breaking the law of you can only own three animals. The neighbor plans to buy her house and drill for oil or something underneath it once she’s gone, whatever. With the help of some plucky teenage girls, the old lady puts on a mambo concert which doubles as some sort of pet adoption fair where she gives away all her animals. I guess giving them to a shelter wasn’t an option because it is insinuated the animals would DIE IMMEDIATELY were they to go there.

If this movie had been live action and had double the budget, Dan Aykroyd would’ve been the evil neighbor, that’s how cliched the plot is. I’m not expecting much from a Bratz movie or anything, I’m just saying that zero thought was put into this thing. Still, I bet this movie is some little kid’s favorite movie ever and they have to watch it five times a day. Ugh.

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