Technopolis Now! (2012)

technopolis nowTechnopolis Now! (2012)

Directed by: James Shaughnessy

Starring: Leonard Kleinrock


I’m not normally interested in “futurist” documentaries, usually because they get caught up their own asses about the specific topic they’re pushing and how it’s definitely totally going to happen and anyone who doesn’t agree is an idiot. Technopolis Now! is not like that. It just presents a number of concepts and has some experts (and some other people who got popular because of the internet) talk about them.

Technopolis starts out talking about the formation of the internet, and goes from there to talk about how this massive invention has started to change humanity from a social and anthropological standpoint. They dip a little into some futurist theories like the singularity, but mostly it’s a very interesting view on the state of modern humanity.

It’s a documentary that’s well put-together, concise, and it actually makes you think about the subject matter. That’s pretty much what all documentaries should aim for, in my opinion.


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