Shrink (2009)

Shrink (2009)

Directed by: Jonas Pate

Starring: Kevin Spacey, Mark Webber, Keke Palmer

Everybody knows that movies about making movies are lame, but how about a movie about how extremely fucked up actors are? That sounds like it could be fairly solid, right? We all know actors are deranged, and they could’ve stopped just at that, but they decided to make the fun range of wacky actor mental problems as just the background for a tale about depression and battling the worst addiction of all.

Kevin Spacey is the psychiatrist to the stars who’s suffering pretty massive depression ever since his wife killed herself. As he spirals down into marijuana addiction, he starts ruining his career. His dad (also a psychiatrist) recommends a patient to him, a teen girl who’s mom just died in a similar circumstance to Spacey’s wife, and they both work through the problems together.

It took me a little bit before I realized that there was a pretty major part of this movie about how terrible this guy’s weed addiction was. And it wasn’t even a joke or anything, that’s a serious thing that is actually part of this movie. Made in the 21st century. That just blows my mind.

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