Black Venus (1983)

Black Venus (1983)

Directed by: Claude Mulot

Starring: Josephine Jacqueline Jones, José Antonio Ceinos, Emiliano Redondo

Here’s a good example of how I watch too many porn movies for this site: I’ve seen another porn movie with this basic story concept before, even though I personally think it’s pretty weird, and also this one is OBJECTIVELY WORSE in almost every way.

A sculptor finds a woman who poses for him and she becomes his muse. They try to live together, but the guy is one of those weird artist types and she doesn’t want to deal with it anymore and she goes to live and work in a brothel. The sculptor becomes obsessed with the statue he made of her and eventually shoots her and then him.

Unlike most of the porn movies I review, Black Venus is just a softcore thing where you see some junk but it doesn’t move around a whole lot or touch other junk. Isn’t that weird that there are whole different categories depending on that? I dunno, maybe it’s just me, I think it’s weird.


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