Rocketman (1997)

Rocketman (1997)

Directed by: Stuart Gillard

Starring: Harland Williams, Jessica Lundy, William Sadler

Did Harland Williams ever have an actual movie career, or was it just terrible half-assed attempts like Rocketman? In any case, I hate him and his awful, unfunny act.

It’s the year 1997 and NASA is planning it’s first manned mission to Mars. Ha.. ha… oh god, that’s depressing. Anyway, one of their normal astronauts is bad at math, so instead they have to bring in Harland Williams, who is extremely obnoxious and annoying, but good at math. A serious of bad jokes happen on the way to Mars and he eventually saves everybody with the help of Beau Bridges. And there’s a funny monkey, look at that chimpanzee, he thinks he’s people!!

The amazing thing about this film is that it’s the exact same formula for tepid comedies that Disney has been using since at least the 60’s. This movie could’ve been made just as well with Jerry Lewis in the lead role back in The Day and nobody would’ve batted an eye about it. So thanks, Disney, for keeping up a tradition of being painfully unfunny.


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