Space Dogs (2010)

Space Dogs (2010)

Directed by: Inna Evlannikova, Svyatoslav Ushakov

Starring: Elena Yakovleva, Anna Bolshova, Yevgeny Mironov

IMDb doesn’t have the listing for the English voice actors for the dubbed version of this I saw, so oh well, I guess. They probably aren’t too keen about getting credit for this cheap Russian CGI dog film anyway.

A circus dog and a mutt from the streets pair up as they are eventually taken to the Russian space program building and trained to be cosmonaut dogs. There’s also a little rat that wears a watch as a belt that is part of their crew, and they have to beat out several other dogs in obstacle courses to make it onto the crew of the Sputnik V. When they go up into space, they change a D-cell battery on the original Sputnik, then fly off into a “hot meteor area” where they almost burn to death for no reason (other than the Russians apparently let dogs fly their spacecraft). They make it out of there and land back on Earth, oh, and also the whole story is told by the puppy of one of the dogs which was delivered to President Kennedy, and the story is being told to Kennedy’s menagerie of pets that he apparently had in the White House.

This is kinda sorta based on a true story. Belka and Strelka were the first living creatures from Earth to go into orbit and come back alive (unlike Laika, who got up there first, but died pretty much immediately). The Russian space program is full of weird and fascinating stuff, like their decision that dogs are best suited for space travel because they don’t mind just sitting around for days at a time and can be trained. The actual story and the little bit of stock footage of the real dogs they show during the credits to this movie are THIRTY MILLION TIMES MORE INTERESTING than this awful piece of shit.


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