Superheroes (2011)

Superheroes (2011)

Directed by: Mike Barnett

Starring: Mr. Xtreme, Master Legend, Zimmer

Okay, somebody needs to clarify for me RIGHT NOW whether this movie is an actual real documentary or a brilliant comedy mockumentary, because I couldn’t tell and only for the sake of my own sanity am I choosing to believe that this was all fake.

Superheroes is about real-life “superheroes”, which are generally just frumpy, excitable guys in football pads and/or Slipknot masks. They really want to fight villains, obviously, but it is apparently harder to do in real life than in a story which depends on there being villains to fight. Weird. So, to make up for this, these heroes walk around neighborhoods trying to find evildoers, hitting on drunk girls who are obviously making fun of them, and donating food to the homeless.

I can’t believe these people are real because, pessimist that I am, I really don’t believe that there are this many sad, deluded people where they spend their time cruising around on skateboards looking for rapists to punch. And you know what? The donating to the homeless and charities and stuff is cool, but if you put on a superhero costume and do it, you aren’t doing it for the sake of the people you’re helping. You’re doing it because it makes you feel better than people, because it makes you feel powerful, and because you want attention. Maybe I’m an asshole for saying that (because I’m definitely an asshole for other reasons), but that was maybe the worst part of the film for me. That and that constant hitting on drunk college girls. Eech.


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