Electric Apricot (2006)

Electric Apricot (2006)

Directed by: Les Claypool

Starring: Jonathan Korty, Adam Gates, Bryan Kehoe

So, Les Claypool made a mockumentary about a fake jam band, in which he also plays the drummer. Haha, okay… why? I mean, how does that happen? It’s not bad or anything, it’s just strange.

This fake documentary follows the fake jam band Electric Apricot as they record their first album, have serious band tension, and eventually play a large concert called Festeroo. The intervening material is mostly just people being silly.

Electric Apricot is funny. Not Spinal Tap funny, or even A Mighty Wind funny, but funny nonetheless. You can certainly spend an hour and a half in worse ways than watching this film, but if you’re interested in it because you’re a fan of Claypool’s music, there’s not going to be much for you here (the songs are bad on purpose, and not in the ‘still good in a bad way’ like Spinal Tap’s).


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