Willard (2003)

Willard (2003)

Directed by: Glen Morgan

Starring: Crispin Glover, R. Lee Ermey, Laura Harring

This is one of the few movies I remember watching in the theater for one reason or other. For this one, I think it’s because my dad was more creeped out by it than I was, and that’s an important milestone in a young man’s life.

Willard is a young man who works at his father’s manufacturing plant. His dad died years ago, and the new boss (Ermey) doesn’t like him (because he’s incompetent and weird). As soon as Willard’s mother dies, Ermey gets rid of him. Little did he know that the weird guy had befriended and trained an army of rats that live in his basement to do his bidding…

The cool thing about this movie is that there’s more than just that main conflict, there’s also a rat power struggle between Socrates, an intelligent white rat that Willard quickly befriends, and Big Ben, a large black rat who seems to be out to antagonize him. Crispin Glover is so good in this role that you get as much into this rat conflict as you do the human one, and that’s just fantastic. Hell, there are a couple genuinely touching moments in this film, as well as the awesome horror of a man commanding rats to rend his enemies’ flesh. I highly recommend it.

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