Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (2003)

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (2003)

Directed by: Curt Geda, Tim Maltby

Starring: Kevin Conroy, Kimberly Brooks, Kelly Ripa

They made a lot more of these animated Batman movies than I thought. I guess the whole DC Animated Universe thing has been going pretty strong for nearly twenty years now, and Batman is/was their flagship property. Because Batman is the GOOD character that DC has.

There’s a new vigilante crimefighter in town, Batwoman! She’s after a mobster who’s working with the Penguin on some evil plan or other. Batman doesn’t give a shit about the Penguin’s plans and just spends the whole movie figuring out who Batwoman is. I’m gonna spoil the ending: Batwoman is all three women that Batman was suspecting, they just took turns. Oh, Bane shows up at the end and everybody fights him.

I don’t even remember the plot Penguin and the gangsters had, and I just watched this thing yesterday. I think it was just funny that Batman didn’t give a shit, so I didn’t really feel compelled to care about it either. That is the motto I live by, after all: What Would Batman Do?


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