TeleVoid (1997)

TeleVoid (1997)

Directed by: Michael Boydstun

Starring: Sir Mix-A-Lot

There’s at least one other voice in this “movie”, but I guess they didn’t credit him anywhere. It was probably the director, actually. Anyway, Sir Mix-A-Lot does one song in there and he raps about eating people’s souls through the TV.

This isn’t really a cohesive film. It’s just a bunch of obnoxious 90’s computer animation sequences that are flashing lights and giant monoshaded pyramids floating around. Remember when we thought that was cool? No? Yeah, neither do I. There is a claymation bit that kinda ties it all together with a skeleton watching TV, and the different music videos are different channels, but that’s about it. I guess Sir Mix-A-Lot’s thing about souls could be considered part of the plot, too.

The only purpose of this film was to show off what they could do with computer graphics at the time, and they obviously don’t age well at all. You could say that the technology at the time just didn’t allow for anything good, but Toy Story came out two years before this, and that movie still looks pretty decent. Of course, Pixar had way more money than this guy, and also they were the only people to make computer animation work for like, a decade, so it’s not really fair to compare the two. Pixar never had Sir Mix-A-Lot, though…


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