Area 51: The Alien Interview (1997)

Area 51: The Alien Interview (1997)

Directed by: Jeff Broadstreet

Starring: Steven Williams, Bob Lazar, Sean David Morton

When I watched this “documentary” about aliens and Area 51, I felt something hidden stirring inside me, something I never knew existed. I really, really wanted to make my own alien interview movie. It’s a god damn work of comic genius to make a film exploring found footage about aliens when you don’t care about convincing anyone that it’s real, because it’s obviously not.

The first half of the film is the narrator explaining what UFO enthusiasts believe happened over the years at Roswell, New Mexico. Apparently it’s something about aliens or something. After that, we get to see the titular interview itself, where a man asks questions to a hand puppet with a flashlight for an arm, and pretends to hear answers. Then we get a bunch of UFO guys reacting to the footage, which is just so awesome.

There’s one guy in this movie who was apparently a puppeteer for Babylon 5 or something, who just piles praise on this video. “No, no, this is definitely not a puppet. Whoever made this was the best puppet guy ever. If it was a puppet.” IT’S YOU! YOU MADE IT! It’s so goddamn obvious and just sad and hilarious all at the same time. I highly recommend this movie, it’s a laff riot.


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