The Killing of Satan (1983)

The Killing of Satan (1983)

Directed by: Efren C. Piñon

Starring: Ramon Revilla, Cecille Castillo, Charlie Davao

This movie… man, I don’t even know what the fuck. I’ve been putting off writing here just so I wouldn’t have to try in vain to describe The Killing of Satan. I guess one thing you can say about it is that it lives up to it’s name, they do kill Satan at the end. I think.

All right, I’ll try to summarize this thing. A guy… fights some people. And the devil is there, and they fight. But that’s the end of the movie. Okay, before that the guy and his friend are… not fighting anybody. And they just kinda hang out. But then the friend dies and… Satan? Is… fighting? I have to lie down.

I don’t know… Stop asking me about this movie. Every time I try to process any part of it, my whole brain just shuts down, screaming in confused pain.


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