Access Code (1984)

Access Code (1984)

Directed by: Mark Sobel

Starring: Martin Landau, Michael Ansara, Macdonald Carey

I just love movies where computers are these crazy magical devices that can do anything at all you want. Mostly I just love watching people type randomly on a keyboard and describe what they say they’re doing. It’s the highest form of the acting craft, pretending to be a four year old who understands that the keyboard has something to do with “using the computer”.

A secret illuminati-ish group led by Martin Landau steals some nuclear weapons, and only one man can hack his way into the evil computer mainframe to… reallocate blocks of evil… nuclear computer badness. Something like that.

This was a cheap 80’s sci-fi action movie, but one good thing I can say about it was that it had a certain charm to it. That same charm you get from… uh… cheap 80’s sci-fi action movies, pretty much.


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