Call Him Mr. Shatter (1975)

Call Him Mr. Shatter (1975)

Directed by: Michael Carreras

Starring: Stuart Whitman, Lung Ti, Lily Li

Huh, I didn’t know that the Hammer brothers made any kinds of movies other than horror films (specifically Dracula movies, of course). At least this spy/action film still managed to get Peter Cushing in it.

Mr. Shatter (did they actually call him that in the film? I don’t remember…) is a hitman who’s on one last job in Hong Kong: KILL SOME GUY! Of course, it’s tough because there are constantly guys not wanting to be killed by him, or even trying to kill HIM, in a bizarre twist of fate. Who thought assassination could be so dangerous?!

As you can probably tell, I didn’t really pay attention to this film. But am I going to watch it again? HELL NO. FUCK YOU FOR SUGGESTING SUCH A THING.


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