All’s Fair (1989)

All’s Fair (1989)

Directed by: Rocky Lang

Starring: George Segal, Sally Kellerman, Robert Carradine

Oh man, will movies about the differences between men and women ever stop being hilarious?! Probably they’d have to start first, huh?

All’s Fair is about a company run by an insane man who have regular paintball tournaments as team-building exercises (or maybe it’s how they actually interact with other companies, I’m not sure). This time, however, a WOMAN of all things decides to try and take a man’s job, and the only way she’ll do it is if she recruits all the men’s wives to form a rival team and beat them… AT WAR!

The best part of this movie is Lou Ferrigno as some sort of ninja assassin bodybuilder who teaches the women to fight (because they’re all worthless at anything except looking pretty and shopping! HAHAHAH!!). Partly because the thought of the Hulk as a ninja assassin is hilarious, but also because it’s pretty obvious why he did such a good job in that role: The Hulk didn’t have to deliver any lines. Wow, he’s bad.

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