Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

silent night deadly night part 2Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

Directed by: Lee Harry

Starring: Eric Freeman, James Newman, Elizabeth Kaitan


I was a little worried about watching Part 2 of the epic Silent Night, Deadly Night series without seeing the first one ahead of time, but it turns out that they reused about 45 minutes from the original movie and just stuck it on in here, so no worries! Hell, our protagonist even sits down in a movie theater and watches parts of the first movie for part of it. That’s very courteous of them, it’s almost like they knew nobody would ever watch BOTH of these stupid guy-dressed-like-Santa-kills-people movies.

The framework of the film is a psychologist interviewing a crazy guy in prison about why he killed his girlfriend. He goes off on a really long tangent about how his brother went crazy (also) and dressed up like Santa and started killing people on his way to take out the evil nun who raised them at the orphanage. Since this doesn’t actually have anything to do with what the guy asked, he eventually gets around to how he goes into a rage whenever he sees someone doing wrong and feels compelled to “punish” them. In the case of his girlfriend, it was because he found out she had had sex with someone before him. Ah. Then he went on a shooting spree for no reason, completely negating his entire point of punishing people.

A common thing you hear is that guys who make horror movies have issues with women, and it’s because of movies like this and because they very very clearly do. If you’re a woman in a horror movie and are anything other than completely pure and virginal and/or a psychic kickboxer with a shotgun for an arm, you get slaughtered quickly and grotesquely. SNDN 2 is a little less picky than that, showing that just taking out the garbage is enough to warrant getting shot down by a deranged maniac who couldn’t act his way out of a plastic bag before suffocating. I don’t know what that signifies, I ain’t no dang psychologist. Alls I know is that this is a fucking bad movie. Ay’up.

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