The Monster of London City (1964)

The Monster of London City (1964)

Directed by: Edwin Zbonek

Starring: Hansjörg Felmy, Marianne Koch, Dietmar Schönherr

I somehow didn’t notice that this was a German movie while watching it. I guess it was just in English (or dubbed extremely well) and it has “London” in the title, so I didn’t think any further about it. It seemed Londony enough to me, anyway.

The set of a dramatic play version of the Jack the Ripper killings is having some issues. For instance, women in the play are being killed by someone who seems to be recreating Jack the Ripper’s shtick for real, that’s usually a bad sign for your play. It turns out to be (SPOILERS I GUESS) a strange revenge from a man over the theft of his fiancee by another man who’s involved in the play, and it all ends the same way the play does.

This is a fine movie. There really aren’t any problems with it, it’s just pretty predictable and there isn’t anything all that remarkable about it. I liked the story well enough, the acting was fine… And sometimes it’s nice to see a movie that doesn’t challenge you at all. Sometimes.


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