Air Buddies (2006)

Air Buddies (2006)

Directed by: Robert Vince

Starring: Josh Flitter, Spencer Fox, Abigail Breslin

It blows my mind that Air Bud turned into a gigantic series like it has. Not only does that dog now play every sport and sport-like activity in the world (I think the next one is Bowling Bud), he has a litter of puppies who do things like save the world and go into space. Why?!

Air Bud and his dog wife, Ground Buddina, are dognapped by poachers because some rich kid wants him as a pet. The puppies of the two, who each have one personality trait, have to go on an adventure to save them, all while being tailed by the same inept poachers. I’m pretty sure you know exactly what happens in this movie.

What are the personalities of the puppies, which are reflected in their names, you ask?! WELL! LET ME TELL YOU! First, there’s– wait, no. I promised I’d shoot myself in the head before I’d care enough about Air Buddies to remember their names. Phew, narrowly avoided that one.


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