Steel (1997)

Steel (1997)

Directed by: Kenneth Johnson

Starring: Shaquille O’Neal, Annabeth Gish, Judd Nelson

Gotta save the best for last, that’s what I’ve always heard they say. That’s… a much worse way to say that. Anyhoo, I’m sure you, like me, love any movie with Shaq in it. Regardless if he’s a superhero, a genie, or… in… another movie. That might’ve happened. Gooooooooo-oooooood stuff!

Two ex-military technicians create their own suit of armor and sonic weapons to combat a wave of super-weapons that’ve been popping up in The Hood. Being the huge guy and not the lady in the wheelchair or old Richard Roundtree, Shaq ends up wearing the armor, and since his name is John Henry Irons, they call him Steel and give him a big hammer.

This movie is corny as hell, to the point where the climax involves Shaq having to make a free throw to save the day. Seriously. Also, it’s not really anything like the DC character it was “based” on, who was a guy who built an Iron Man-like suit to try and help take over after Superman died. Remember when Superman died? Like, actual people cared about that. Weird. Anyway, thanks for joining me on another of my stupid movie challenge things!


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