Heavy Metal (1981)

Heavy Metal (1981)

Directed by: Gerald Potterton

Starring: Richard Romanus, John Candy, Joe Flaherty

This is a pretty stupid movie at points, but seeing it right after Beavis and Butt-Head Do America and comparing it to Heavy Metal 2000 which I watched like a week ago… it looks like a goddamn masterpiece. That’s a sign that I’m watching too many bad movies. FINALLY.

Nothing really sums up the plot of this movie better than the IMDb blurb:

A glowing orb terrorizes a young girl with a collection of stories of dark fantasy, eroticism and horror.

It’s startlingly accurate.

Sure, the movie is mostly just an excuse to show a bunch of cartoon boobs with a nice helping of bloodshed and goofy alien drug use, but the animation is pretty good (it’s mostly rotoscoped, so it has that weird rotoscope feeling to it, but still). The music isn’t that bad, either, and it’s used in small chunks in the background, not randomly blaring over the dialog like in the sequel. It just goes to show that even a dumb movie can be seen as a nice break in the right circumstances.


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