The Pearl of Death (1944)

The Pearl of Death (1944)

Directed by: Roy William Neill

Starring: Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Dennis Hoey

Yessssss more Sherlock Holmesssss! The best thing about having all these on my computer is that if I just skip around all the bad 90’s horror and 80’s action movies I have everywhere, it doesn’t take long to come across one of these, and how could I possibly NOT want to watch more Sherlock Holmes?

A priceless pearl is stolen from a museum because Holmes disconnected it to prove to the curator that his security measures aren’t good enough. I love it. They catch the thief, but not before he manages to hide the pearl somewhere… but where? If only there was some sort of… greatest detective in the world to figure out the mystery. Hm…

There’s a little bonus in this film for fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Rondo Hatton appears as “The Creeper”, a big strong ugly guy who breaks people’s backs. Two years later, he would be in a film called The Brute Man where he also played a back-breaker called The Creeper, and this movie was made into an episode of MST3K. So that was neat.


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