Eat the Rich (1988)

Eat the Rich (1988)

Directed by: Peter Richardson

Starring: Al Pillay, Kevin Allen, Ronald Allen

When you think about musicians turned actors, who do you think of? David Bowie? Sting? Justin Beiber in that one thing where he gets shot? How about Lemmy from Motörhead? Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Well, he’s got a big part in this movie, which is not only named after a Motörhead song, but has an entire soundtrack of Motörhead. That’s weird, man.

There are two basic stories which intertwine in this film. First, there’s this guy who gets fired from his waiter job at a horrible restaurant for rich people, and he turns to a life of crime and revolution. The other is about a businessman (and his number one henchman, Lemmy) who wants to discredit the horrible Home Secretary and keep him from being elected prime minister. Eventually it works out that the waiter takes back over the restaurant after killing everyone with bows and arrows, then serves the dead people back to the customers, and the businessman arranges it so the secretary eats there and eats a person, and you can’t get elected PM if you eat a dude.

There’s a lot about this movie which is horrible, including Lemmy’s acting. On the other hand, the soundtrack is good, and the guy who plays the Home Secretary is actually funny as fuck. I can’t remember his character name, so IMDb is useless in helping me identify the guy, but he makes this movie. He’s like an amalgamation of every horrible character from Monty Python, like a Gumby who’s participating in the “most horrible family in Britain” contest. He’s good.


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