Legend of the Tsunami Warrior (2008)

Legend of the Tsunami Warrior (2008)

Directed by: Nonzee Nimibutr

Starring: Libby Brien, Sorapong Chatree, Dan Chupong

Have you ever wanted to see a kung fu movie about Aquaman? Well, you, my friend, are in luck! Also, you’re a sick, sick bastard. Seriously, Aquaman? That’s terrible.

So apparently there are these wizard guys who have magic powers that let them breathe underwater and talk to and command fish. Like I said, Aquaman. Anyway, there are these bad guy pirates who are attacking some kingdom and the bad guys want better cannons to blow up the good guys so they kidnap some cannon expert guy and… look, it all comes down to a whale attack. Is that really any way to end a movie?

There’s really, REALLY bad CGI in this film, and it’s everywhere. Normally it wouldn’t be that big a deal to me, but the fact that your bad CGI is the main point of the film and it has to do with your ripoff Star Wars Aquaman powers shit, well, there’s really no excuse at that point. The fight choreography isn’t that great either, what little there is of it. I guess it has some neat costumes. That’s the best I can say of it.


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