Frankenstein Island (1981)

Frankenstein Island (1981)

Directed by: Jerry Warren

Starring: Robert Clarke, Steve Brodie, Cameron Mitchell

This movie was so bizarre I’m still not sure whether it was supposed to be a comedy or if it was serious. What it reminded me of more than anything else was The Wild World of Batwoman, except I’m slightly more sure that that was meant to be funny from the outset.

Okay, so a hot air balloon full of people crash lands on an island where Dr. Frankenstein’s ancestor is continuing his work, and also repeatedly talking to his ghost, played by John Carradine. There’s a monster and some amazon women and zombies… Really, nothing makes any sense in this movie at all. I think I’d have to watch it all again to get an idea of what was supposed to be happening, but there’s no way in hell I’m going to do that.

The effects were all terrible, but it was almost TOO bad to be by accident. I don’t really know how to describe this thing beyond the words “terrible” and “confusing”. I guess you’ll just have to watch it for yourself if you want to get the Frankenstein Island experience, though I wouldn’t recommend it.

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