Firehouse (1973)

firehouseFirehouse (1973)

Directed by: Alex March

Starring: Richard Roundtree, Michael Lerner, Paul Le Mat


What’s the best place to jump down when you’re in a burning building? SHAFT! This web site contains not just very up-to-date and relevant jokes, but also fire safety lessons. What other movie review sites will help you stay alive? NONE. THAT’S FUCKING RIGHT NONE.

So Shaft is a black fireman in a racist white firehouse. Like… the people who work there are white and racist. The house itself is red, and I don’t even think houses can be racist just because they aren’t alive or anything. Why would you assume that’s what I meant? Dummy. Anyway, the racist white guys don’t like the black guy until he saves the most racistest guy from a fire and then they all agree that racism is gone forever.

Richard Roundtree kinda looks like Groucho Marx up there in that DVD cover, doesn’t he?


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