Cop Dog (2008)

cop dogCop Dog (2008)

Directed by: John Murlowski

Starring: Billy Unger, Stephanie Michels, Cassi Thomson


What could be more fun than a movie about a cop who’s a dog? ONLY A DOG COP BASKETBALL PLAYER THAT’S ONLY WHAT!!

So this cop dies and his ghost haunts his dog which drives the dog to commit suicide. The cop’s son deals with the death of his dad by imagining the ghost of his dog there helping him solve the case of who left the manhole open that his dad fell down and died in. That’s actually how this cop dies in this movie, because it’s SO G-rated that it can’t even imply that the bad guys murdered somebody. Though it does show a dog getting hit by a car in a much more graphic scene than most toddlers might like.

Of the perplexingly wide trope of movies about dogs solving crimes, this is probably the worst one I’ve seen. It’s too juvenile for the kids the age that they are in the movie. I don’t know who this was made for, maybe four year olds who’s dad just recently died? Seems kinda fucked up to show them that sort of imagery if that’s the case. Fuck you, guys who made Cop Dog. You probably make children cry.

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