Android Cop (2014)

android copAndroid Cop (2014)

Directed by: Mark Atkins

Starring: Michael Jai WhiteKadeem HardisonRandy Wayne


I know, it’s surprising that a film named Android Cop wasn’t made in the 90’s and doesn’t even star Jean-Claude Van-Damme. How do people even make movies nowadays without following such simple rules as “no movies about robot cops made past the year 1993”? I thought that was rule like six of filmmaking. It was in Syd Field’s Screenplay, I think.

It’s a wacky buddy cop movie with a streetwise badass cop who hates robots and… a robot! He’s more like Data than Robocop, but nevertheless the tension escalates as one plays by the book and the other refuses to. The kicker at the end? Cop-Who-Hates-Robots is ALSO SECRETLY A ROBOT!! I don’t remember what their case was, but it was the same generic bullshit that every cop movie is has.

This is another movie by our friends at the Asylum, the movie company who just wants to trick your grandma out of a $3.50 rental fee. It’s not a coincidence that the remake of Robocop came out six days after this movie, nor is it a coincidence that this feels like the shittiest, most rushed type of movie vaguely about robots or cops you could come up with. These people disgust me.


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